Githunt 2.0

Explore the top projects on GitHub 🏆

A web application and a chrome extension that let's you explore the most starred projects on GitHub. It comes with a web application which you can use online or you may install the extension which will replace your new tab with trending lists. Also there are options to filter the languages, update view types, check any year, month or day etc.

In what way does it improve ?
@retendo Github considers the trending projects to be the ones most starred in the given period, shows you only 25, there is no option to check the trending projects in the past, they don't remember your choice and they don't have any browser extensions. GitHunt does all of that. Githunt selects and sorts the projects in the selected period with most stars among the projects created in the selected period; and so it allows bringing up the projects that might not be able to hit the trending page but were most famous among the ones created in that period. You can check the trending projects from the past years, months, weeks or days. Choices are saved and reloaded when you visit again and also there is a browser extension which allows you to replace your new tab with the trending projects returned by GitHunt.
@kamran_ahmed Perfect, thanks for clarifying :)
What's new since your last launch, @kamran_ahmed?
@amrith previously there was a dependency on chrome as it was a chrome extension only, UI was laggy and user experience was not that good. The latest release has below features that were not existing in the last release: ⚛️ Rewritten in React, has better performance and dropped jQuery 🖥️ Has a web application and can be used without installing extension 🎨 Redesigned with better interface 💬 Filterable languages list 👁️ List and Grid Options 🧠 Remembers the selected options
@kamran_ahmed Sweet! You should consider using a separate domain for this, make it easier to remember 😅