Replace the new tab with trending Github projects

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Hello Guys, I have developed this Google chrome extension that replaces your new tab with trending projects on Github. And the motivation was, people have been developing and putting awesome things on Github all the time and more often than not, I come across some really interesting stuff for use in my projects or better learn something new from them and this extension is to make it easy for developers to learn about the trending projects, as soon as you create a new tab, you will be presented with the most popular projects in a given period under the chosen language. The project has been featured on the Github Showcase as well. Please have a look at for the source code etc. Also, I have written in detail about the extension at Thank you
@kamran_ahmed I like it! but would be nicer if there was an option to not have it on a new tab. I like to use it for other cases.
@deambulando Hey, I'll have to look into the Chrome Extension Dev API if they support that. I'll see if it is possible and would include it in the next release. Thank you for the feedback.
@kamran_ahmed oh that would be great like a new page ;)
@deambulando Or better like an icon in the bar upon clicking which a dropdown will show up with the same functionality ;-)
@kamran_ahmed Really like the idea! I think we should be able to mix languages to show!