GitHub Writer is an Open Source browser extension that brings WYSIWYG editing to issues, comments, pull requests, wikis and discussions in GitHub. It accepts Markdown input and offers productive writing, starting with tables.
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Markdown is powerful, but unergonomic to write. WYSIWYG is a great authoring experience, but is often too rich to compile down to Markdown. GitHub Writer is a cool extension that lets me have the best of both worlds!
Hello Hunters! Today we are announcing GitHub Writer to let you enjoy the ease of use of WYSIWYG editing in GitHub. ✍️ As creators of two WYSIWYG editors, you can guess that plain text Markdown has not been our favorite. We use GitHub extensively and feel the struggle the built-in Markdown editor creates. We have thus decided to bring our product, CKEditor 5 (, to it and see how we can improve the situation. Roughly half a year later we present to you GItHub Writer. GitHub Writer is a browser extension that is based on CKEditor 5, a JavaScript rich-text editor with a modular, plugin based architecture and real-time collaboration capabilities. GitHub Writer has all the features available in the GitHub plain-text editor, including Markdown input, but offers a writing experience where you don’t need to switch to preview to see how your content will look when you submit it. This comes in handy especially in case of features like tables, where Markdown is not user-friendly at all. We are happy to announce the product here and we cannot wait for your feedback. Let us know the changes you’d like to see and issues you run into and ways we can make the extension better for everyone. After all GitHub Writer is an Open Source project. 😉 P.S. We love our side projects at CKEditor. We created another browser extension for GitHub in the past. HangHub ( is a team productivity tool that allows you to see the users who are working on the same GitHub issue or pull request as you in real time. 👫
Fingers crossed for this and I'm on my way to install it ✌️
@wojtekidd Let us know how you like it! 😉
Is there any reason to constrain it to GitHub only?
@lucjan_suski There really isn't! CKEditor 5 can fit in anywhere really. 😉
@lucjan_suski @gokcetosun Would live to see a way of being able to switch this on with any md text field on any site
@lucjan_suski @stevewillbe Thanks for the encouraging feedback 🤗 I’ve been told this could be doable. It was quite the task with Github because of how many features GitHub supports. However biggest obstacle would be Markdown engines since they usually differ.