GitHub Team Discussions is a way to help your team plan together, update one another and talk about any topic you'd like in discussion posts on your team's page in an organisation. Processes like planning, analysis, design, user research and general project decision making can now be done in one place.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Better communication methods are always welcome. Looks different enough from chat type offerings like Slack that this could be a valuable tool. GitHub has launched so many features this year. I'm impressed and looking forward to what comes next.
@punksomething I feel like their new features are mostly caused by Gitlabs overperforming.
jariFrontend @
This is pretty sweet and definitely something that was missing. I immediately started writing out a 200 line proposal for a refactor I had in mind to my team, however, it quickly came to mind that there's no way to make drafts, and if I happen to close my browser all my work will be gone. Concluding, a draft feature would be much appreciated (or even the ability to change the access level to 'Only me')
Thien NguyenFull-Stack Developer
Easy to track the discussion based on repository and team. However, get the problem with real-time messaging, it seems like I must wait for a few minutes after my teammate has texted.
Andrei TelteuWebDeveloper
This is basically a forum alternative. Nice :)
Ryan ParkerI help companies grow.
I’m not a developer, so I don’t really know GitHub from a user standpoint. Is Slack integration ineffective? Seems those two systems should be great together.