Github Tagger

Organize Github projects and files with tags

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@ziinko K, so before clicking, the high-level idea of organization for Github is a good one (Zenhub is amazing). After clicking all I was thinking due to your screenshots was "lots of words, lots of work". You need a hero shot that makes people excited. I don't think many people will read all your notes there, and in fact they cycle through too fast to even read. It ends up coming off as Excel layered on Github, which I don't think many will go for. Hope this is helpful!
@dshan Thanks. Appreciate the feedback. Upvoted your comment.
Maker here. If anybody has any question or suggestions please let me know. Specially looking for critical but constructive feedback.
@anujadhiya Thanks Anuj. You've done an amazing job with your collections on PH.
@ziinko Thats super cool of you to say. Thanks! :)