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Hello Product Hunt, I am Patrick, creator of GitHub Reviews. Thanks for stopping by! I built this web application that lets people review popular GitHub repositories. The site allows users to: * Determine quality by reading reviews and viewing aggregate ratings * Discover related projects that are linked to each review * Share their thoughts about a package with the rest of the community * Improve repositories that they own by listening to their users Currently on stackoverflow, questions in this vein are closed because answers would be too subjective. This usually happens despite strong interest from users. Here are some reviews that I wrote: Any feedback or suggestions are welcome!
Interesting idea. Being separate from GitHub and not replicating much content about a project, it may take a while for reviews to accumulate to the point where they are helpful. The exception may be for very well liked or disliked projects where people feel motivated to make the extra effort. Perhaps offering a Chrome plugin that could somehow present review data and or the option to add a review alongside a specific page that's being viewed on GitHub would be a helpful way to bridge the context-gap of this not being a core feature of GitHub itself (?). Will keep an eye on this for sure - best wishes.
@jydesign Thanks for the feedback. A Chrome (and Firefox) extension is definitely high on the priority list for upcoming features. Also, a custom badge (in the style of for embedding in README files would help in directing people to view and add reviews.
@plurch Cool, yeah the badge totally makes sense and probably even higher priority than extension ;-)
@jydesign I immediately thought this needs a Chrome plugin.
I am a huge fan of GitHub and this site can be somehow helpful, but I am with @jydesign a chrome plugin will be a better solution. Keep the good work buddy!
@adolfoalamo Thanks! I agree that a Chrome extension will be a helpful addition.
You have built a great tool that solves an important issue. But it seems more like a feature than a product. This is something that Github itself should build. A Chrome extension might help with usability, but extensions have an even lesser user base.
@tombielecki Thanks for the feedback. I do feel like my site solves some real problems. However, I am not sure if GitHub would want to add a feature like this on their site - might be too disassociated from their core mission.
When i click on a project i expected it would go tot the actual project on github. Am I missing something? this project:
@eonpilot Clicking on a repo link will take you to its page on GitHub Reviews, where you can see existing reviews and ratings for that repo (if there are any). There is also a button that takes you to the "Add Review" form. If you want to see the source repo page on GitHub, the grey link "View on GitHub" will take you there.
@plurch Right got it. Would maybe make the button more prominent? Love sites that compliment github. This and also there is github awards which I think is cool.
@eonpilot Thanks for the suggestion.