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With Flock’s GitHub integration, devs can do so much work from within the app. They can receive personal and team notifications in any Flock channel they specify, navigate their repositories, share rich GitHub content, and perform actions from within the app.

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If you’re a developer, you’ll really like this one - you can now access all your GitHub repositories from within a team messenger, without switching any tabs! Flock has just announced a deep integration with GitHub, and I’m excited to see all the benefits: - Users will receive Flock notifications when pull requests or issues they participate in are updated, or anytime they are @mentioned, anywhere on GitHub. - They can specify the Flock channel they want to receive notifications in, for events ranging from commit pushes and new releases to pull requests and issue creation. - Users can also assign, close or merge pull requests and issues directly from within Flock. - They can search or browse through their repositories in the sidebar, or directly jump to the object of interest using the /github command in Flock. - Users can easily share issues, pull requests, commits, and tags, all from within the GitHub sidebar in Flock.
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Hi all, I’m the CTO of Flock and it’s great to see our Github integration hunted on PH. Thank you @arunpattnaik for hunting us! First and foremost, the Flock-GitHub integration helps our dev users keep all their repositories, issues, branches, and commits right within their workstation, Flock. They no longer have to switch tabs between GitHub and all their other work. Although the GitHub app was already available via the Flock Appstore, it would only allow users to receive notifications from GitHub in any Flock channel. However, with the latest deep integration, our users can do much more - as listed by Arun. While working on this integration, we had a clear goal - to help devs work faster and better as a team. That’s why we have built in functionalities like receiving personal and team notifications, as well as the ability to perform actions from within the app. I would encourage everyone to try out the integration. Would appreciate any sort of feedback. :)
I have really become big fan of Flock utilitarian and modern design which i believe is far better than both Slack and Msft Teams. Just curious what's more in the roadmap.
Would really like Whiteboard feature

Really helpful for managers and team leads to remain updated on github changes and do conversation when necessary


Much tighter, richer and deeper integration


Yet to find.