Github Feel Good

A Chrome extension that enhances your Github profile 💚

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Github Feel Good is an extension that locally increases the count of stars and forks of all of the pinned repositories, followers, total repositories and enhances the contribution graph based on the mode selected to make you feel better.
Burak Tokak
David Heller
Raj Talekar
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  • Burak Tokak
    Burak TokakIndie Maker

    Good idea


    the numbers are randomly generated on every refresh

    I feel like, you could have created an algorithm based on the name of the repository to generate a fixed number, even you can do that for multiple tears (good, better, rockstar) by determining some constant ratio to multiply.

    Burak Tokak has used this product for one day.
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Sunil Kumar
Sunil KumarMaker@sunilc_ · Software Engineer, Plivo
Hi Makers, I was looking at the great Sindre Sorhus' github profile( one day and I was jealous of all the amazing work he has been doing in the open source community. And not to forget, the stars count, forks count and the contribution graph of his profile. So the Github Feel Good extension was born. This is a just fun extension and not intended to instil false success in ones mind. The extension injects some javascript code into your browser and increases these counts and nothing is changing in your actual Github profile (obviously :P). Let me know what you think about the extension in comments! If you like the extension, please support my work by donating -
Omid Ahourai
Omid Ahourai@ardentkid · Dev & UI, Digital Nomad, Entrepreneur
Tried it, felt like a rockstar for 4 minutes, then removed it. #worthit
Sunil Kumar
Sunil KumarMaker@sunilc_ · Software Engineer, Plivo
@ardentkid I'm glad you liked it!
Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq@fajarsiddiq ·
Enrique Benitez
Enrique Benitez@bntzio · 🦄 Full-Stack Developer and Maker
Good idea! I love GitHub stars 🌟
Youssef Selkani
Youssef Selkani@usfslk · Software Development Consultant
Feels like an imposter