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Compare Github repositories

Github compare allows you to compare Github repositories and see their basic information such as stars, forks, open issues and licenses.
Comparing them side by side facilitates the comparison!!
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Hello Hunters! πŸ€– After doing a couple of reports comparing repositories like angular, react and vue I asked myself if there would be a better way to compare them side by side and obtain at least the basic quantitive information about it such as stars, commits, open issues, licenses. So many times we have to decide on which tool we want to use for a specific project and never saw anywhere where I could see the basic information in an easy way in Github. So I decided to tap into the Github API and check if I could easily get this information and visualize it in a different way. So Github Compare was born!! πŸŽ‰ Hope you all enjoy it as I enjoyed doing it 😎 If you have any questions or remarks send me a message or check out our twitter Check the Github Compare here:
Nice work πŸ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood Thanks!! 😁
This is simple and brilliant. I've found myself looking at the age of the repo, last commit and stars while comparing libraries. Would be great to see a browser extension that lets me add a repo to compare while I'm on Github.
@josephcs thank you for the support Joseph, I'm the maker of that is a chrome extension that allows you to search for books and save them, so maybe we can make that idea of yours come to life with a chrome extension. How would it work actually? What did you have in mind?
@diogo_batista Muito bom. Útil demais!
@mariana_costa1 obrigado Mariana!! 😁