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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 27, 2015
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Looks like not all the users are there. Is there a limit of who is shown ? (like first 10.000 users or something like that)
@alexsnurnikov No, at the moment i have 10 412 578 users returned by the GitHub API. The top developers by city are not limited, but of course you'll only see users who filled their location on Github. If you don't find your username through search just open an issue and i'll have a look at it. Hope you have fun with this project :)
@vdaubry Just did :) Thanks for a reply.
@vdaubry @alexsnurnikov I wanted to refresh my account on your site. But it asks to access my email on github. May I ask what it will be used for? Love this site!
#23 objective-c in the UK ;)
@youboox, this is a great idea for a little open source project! nice work mate