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We want to enable software development teams to build bulletproof software faster by streamlining the development and QA processes. We want millions of developers around the world to use our platform. To do this, we want to build a developer productivity platform to: * Improve the current code review experience * Integrate QA in the process: associate code with stories, automated tests and functional reviews * Create a business rules engine based on companies needs and policies * Integrate with different deployment tools to complete the loop * Build a unified platform to measure developers productivity and give the right incentives
Great tool! Code review tends to be a pain in the rear, so it's great that someone set out to make it easier and more rewarding. My favorite features are Live Branches (to avoid endless code reviews), and custom business rules.
@fortunatojh thank you for your feedback, we definitely want to redefine the way in which software developers do code reviews! Is there any feature you would like to have in Gitcolony?
I like the idea of live branches instead of waiting for pull requests.
@abracarioca thank you! It's part of our mantra: "Ask a programmer to review 10 lines of code, he'll find 10 issues. Ask him to review 500 lines and he'll say it looks good" :)
@vincentcassar Thanks for hunting Gitcolony! What do you think about the product?
Added to my All Things Github collection:
@anujadhiya thank you for including Gitcolony in your great collection :) Were you able to take a look at it? I would love to hear your thoughts about Gitcolony
@mfocaraccio tbh i'm a non-technical founder. I originally created this collection more as a resource for the people who develop for us and to use as needed. I have no doubt that it will be useful at the right time :)