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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 30, 2017

Gitcoin is a distributed network of Smart Contracts, based upon Ethereum that pushes Open Source Forward.

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7 Reviews2.5/5
Genius idea. Issue oriented freelance marketplace instead of project oriented. This could be the next freelance boom!
Maker here. The singular mission of this project is to "Push Open Source Repos Forward". If you have an OSS repo and want to chat about how I can help, @ me back.
@owocki I really liked the mission and concept of Gitcoin. I was wondering how can it be helpful in case of couple of my projects, namely, wtfpython ( and coala ( The former one is not any tool or software, it's just a collection of some interesting stuff related to Python. And the latter one is a static code analysis framework of which I'm one of the maintainers.
@satwik_ Hey Satwik, Cool to meet you. I'm a python guy and I've followed wtfpython for a while (I think I found out about it on HN)! I'd love to hear more about your roadmap for those repos. Want to shoot me a message on slack ( or email (kevin at gitcoin dot co)?
It's been really cool to see this go from concept to launch, Kevin is an absolute beast at shipping product. Hope to see some more great open source software built because of it!

Also hard to read with all uppercase content.


It's great to have this platform for motivating developer to contribute more open source repo.


Need skill filter.

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