Cleanup your GitHub by deleting old repositories.

GitCleanup lets you bulk delete your abandoned or empty repositories on GitHub, cleaning up your GitHub profile with just a few clicks.
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seems like a really useful product to clean up repositories!
This product is easier to use than other tools on the web due to its intuitive design. Highly recommend!
Hey everyone! Two weeks ago, I cleaned up my GitHub profile by deleting some of the repositories I no longer needed and ones that were simply taking up space. Deleting these repositories one-by-one takes a lot of time, so I made a quick little app that lets you bulk delete repositories with a few clicks! The idea is pretty simple: login with GitHub, select the repositories you want to delete and confirm. GitCleanup will take care of the rest. The project is completely open-source: This was a fun little quarantine project for me and I hope it's useful to the community! :)