So, I don't always remember to tweet what I do, but commit my code often, and what do users love more than your product? Well, useful information about what they're going into, and updates, updates are important! Always let people know what you're doing with the product πŸ’ͺ

Hopefully it'll be of use for somebody! 😎

Let me know what you think

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Would love feed-back on this! It's kinda my little baby πŸ’ͺ
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@mobilpadde I really really love this concept. The pricing is super weird though and the landing page doesn't inspire confidence. Is there a way we could work together on this somehow? It's huge for small product teams that don't have time to run socials for a side project. We'd need to beef up the design on the page though and work on the pricing to make it a bit more palatable. Side note: Can it say only tweet out commits to a certain branch or from certain users? Can I auth it to a company account and it tweet out commits from the whole team along with who committed it?
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@itsthisjustin Thanks! Sadly it's per twitter account as for now, but will definitely implement a main accout, that can have sub-accounts in the future 😊 I can invite you to a slack, if you'd like to talk?
Many congrats on the launch, Mads!
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@ftxrc Thanks! 😁
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Loving this product - reminds me to tweet pretty often about my products!


Easy to use

Rather useful


None so far

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This looks awesome . can't wait to try.
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@aalpanigrahi Thanks! You really should check it out! 😊
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