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THIS is what PH is all about :D
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Hello from the team at www.enki.com. I created a sketch plugin allowing designers to use git directly in Sketch. The plugin really improves the review process by exporting an image for every part of the design. Every member of the team can quickly see what the next iteration will change through Github’s interface. Each step of the design process is now documented. Newcomers are able to understand how we ended up with the current iteration and why we went with some options and not others. I wrote more about version control for designers here, including the next steps of design version control: https://blog.enki.com/yes-design... Github direct: https://github.com/mathieudutour... From: To:
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About two months ago Mathieu from our team at Enki (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) created a version control add-on to integrate git and Sketch. It changed our experience from reviewing a variety of ‘newdesignfinalfinal.sketch’ files into a fluid version control system and has been great at tracking when and why design decisions were made. Recently, another team had reached out to mention how useful it was, so I decided to hunt it in case any other teams find value in it.
Thanks Jordan!
I love you, I've been wanting this forever
i would love to see this for Powerpoint