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Daily code diffs from public Github repos via Emails | Slack



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Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Track awesome lists to get new diffs and keep up to date with code changes in your favorite library like React.
Ariel Assaraf@arielassaraf · Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
Looks super useful, @sairam is that like a daily digest or is it possible to be notified in Real time / NRT ?
@arielassaraf this is a periodic digest which can be configured as frequently as hourly with the free hosted service. The Real Time is tough since only Repo Admins have access to Github hooks, and polling would be less efficient. If you have your own setup, service can be configured to poll every 5 minutes or so. The only bottleneck would be the no. of API calls to use the Github API.
Luke Robert@luke_robert
Any chance of a slack integration
@luke_robert Considering Slack's usage, it might deserve its own configuration :) I was planning to add webhook support so that it can be integrated through Zapier like services so that users can use their own integration, but the down side being its a small learning curve. I will let you know once I have something in place. The code is open source: . Feel free to open a Github issue for any features you'd like to see.
@luke_robert It was simpler than I thought. Please email me so that I can configure the Slack incoming url so that you can try it out before I put it public
Luke Robert@luke_robert
@sairam where can I find your email?
@luke_robert - "Webhook URL" required from an Incoming Webhook configurable at . You can use the "Webhook URL" from Slack and use it at - "Webhook URL"