Git Explorer

Find git commands you need without digging through the web.

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2019

Git Explorer is a place to find the right git commands easily

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Hi guys, I'm Dante, one of the co-makers of gitexplorer So we created a tool to help people find the right git commands you need without digging through the web. This was inspired by Sarah Drasner's array explorer. We felt it's the stackoverflow thing we all do and we decided to give it a go. Hope you love it as much as we do 😊
@dantelex I am taking this to my colleagues see if we do the same for Plastic SCM. Well done!
@mordodemaru Thanks. Enjoy 😊
@mordodemaru you totally should! Thanks
@dantelex this is awesome, I want to ask, what technologies and frameworks you used to build it
This is cheating!! J/k. Clever idea, @dantelex, @citizenfa, and @remiilekun. πŸ‘
Thank you!
This is impressive... Well done ! @dantelex
@eben_gabriels Thanks 😁
Very useful, I like the single clear solution that comes up for each query, and the notes that accompany the command. However I find I always am searching for how to reverse my last commit, and think the answer is something about 'reset --head'. I'm not sure I see that one in the list, and there's probably many more. how will you add new ones? I aslo like the discussion part of Stackoverflow - do you think in addition to notes, there could be something like 'useful links/discussions'? Also, I didn't realise I could type in the dropdowns, that was a cool little feature to discover
@graeme_fulton Thank you so much for this feedback. We are currently more as we speak. The git reset has been added. Useful link is a cool suggestion, we will look into adding it alongside the notes. Thanks again.
@citizenfatimah you're welcome. Also would be a great chrome extension/slack bot - a more immediate way to access it would be useful for me aynway. I think chrome extension is very easy to make from existing website
@graeme_fulton hmmmn, lit! We have noted these suggestions down. Thank you so, so much.
🀯 wow!