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GIST verifies your entire buying history and visualizes it beautifully for sharing — think of it like Pinterest, but if everything were shoppable and pulled from your actual purchases.
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Hi Product Hunt! Thank you @benlang for your support! I’m Walter and I founded GIST to solve a big problem: Getting Word-of-Mouth recommendations online. Right now, we have to rely on review sites or, worse, advertising, to discover products. We’re looking at it in a different way: GIST visualizes what you and friends have actually bought. No stars, thumbs-up, or comments — just seeing what people you trust have really purchased while making it easy and rewarding to share what you’ve found online. This solves the biggest problem facing online product and content discovery: Trust. Core features: - See what you buy in one place — we have over 160+ Stores, Amazon, Square, Shopify PLUS Netflix (!) integration. Products are frictionlessly captured and presented via gmail and direct integrations. - See your impact on others — when a friend buys something you’ve shared on GIST, you’ll both get notified — Now you can get recognized for your expertise and famous for your taste. - It’s your data! Every purchase on GIST is 100% private and we will never sell your data to anyone. Right now, you already give away your personal shopping information to other sites — We're giving it BACK to you so you can decide what to share and what to keep for yourself. Other neat things: - All images shoppable — no more broken links or pins! - Platform agnostic — Product collections (“GISTs”) can be shared and viewed where you already communicate (iMessage, WhatsApp, Web-widget) - Mobile-first — looks amazing on your phone (and pretty decent on desktop) Features coming soon: - Advanced computer vision treatment on product images — now even your vacuum cleaner will be Instagram-worthy! - You tell us! What would you want to do using GIST? Team: Head of Engineering - Boris Livshutz, Employee #1 at AppDynamics and former senior architect at Oracle Lead Engineer - @vamsy_krishna Front End - @giologist Designer - @kolbybothe Developers - Abdul Latheef, Krzysztof Krzyskow, Manuel Aguilar, Manjunath, Shijin Krishna, Yadu Krishnan Advisors CEO of Levi’s, Chairman of HP Chip Bergh Fmr. Creative Director of Apple, Co-Founder of Enjoy Tom Suiter Co-Founder Ben Faw CTO at Stealth Startup, Fmr. Senior AI Researcher Udacity, Fmr. CEO of CloudLabs and inventor of mobile HDR technology Varun Ganapathi
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Really amazing team. Looking forward to using this with my friends!


Gorgeous UI, intuitive use, invaluable service rendered. A totally new way to find great products from people you trust.


Nothing for now. Looking forward to seeing it evolve from here!

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Congratulations!! Literally the product I feel like my friends and I have been missing for years. Looking forward to learning more!
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Love the design. Neat app for me. thanks
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Pros - smooth UI, intuitive. Assume it lifts conversion. Its playful and at its core allows for meaningful product recommendations. Cons: no Android.
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