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Use Gist to create beautiful, interactive visualizations that enable teams, organizations and audiences to explore data and share insights. Browse structured data and understand digital collections via simple, intuitive interfaces. Bring your data to life.
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This is very cool, is there any customisability to how the data gets presented?
@aaronoleary Gist offers many settings for how data is presented in the various visualizations. In addition you can customize colors, fonts, and add your company logo. In the near future Gist will offer a developer API and extensible component library. Here is an example of the level of customization you can achieve (this is developed on Gist): If you would be interested in beta testing the API and component library features please message us at or via the Intercom widget on the Gist homepage!
Looks like a great alternative to Data Studio or Tableau! Love the ability to embed visualisations 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! We like to think so. :)
What is the use case? Seems to be 'visualize data'?
@joshdance Yes, that is correct—data visualization but specifically for collections. So if you have a collection of products, contacts, documents, artworks, etc., Gist helps you understand that collection and build deeper engagement through data visualization, as well as adding context via linked articles and user-generated insights. Happy to do a demo if you’re interested—just sign up via the form on our site.

We've been working with Gist for quite a long time. Tool is constantly evolving and Gist team is updating the product frequently.


Easy to use, fast, modern, modular


None so far :)

Great job! 😀 absolutely amazing! Had to cut short the video and jump back to comment. Hope this free to use unlike Tableau
@ayush_chandra Thanks! Happy to discuss pricing options with you if you like—just sign up for a demo via the form on our site.