The mission at Girls’ Night In is to help women relax, recharge, and cultivate more meaningful community in an increasingly lonely and stressful world.

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I'm seriously obsessed with, and proud of, everything GNI stands for. It's reminds me of what the Wing is doing to "reinvent" the work experience for women. GNI helps women take back their personal time! Reminds us to recuperate and read and take those long baths with a face mask 😉💃
@katesegrin Thanks so much Kate! This makes me and the team so happy. We're hard at work on much more and can't wait to share soon. <3
MUST READ! Alisha has tapped into a relevant and persistent feeling for many of us - we'd rather stay in than go out.
@julief I don’t believe this is male / female thing. It’s an introvert / extrovert thing. Many many MANY people from either gender prefer staying in to going out. There is amazing ted talk by..... I forget right now, about introversion vs extroversion that I highly recommend to anyone who prefers to stay in that go out. You’re not weird, you’re an introvert and you’re awesome!
@julief @mickc79 I concur, as a fellow introvert. Sometimes I wear a face masks too (cc @suzywillow):
@julief @mickc79 @suzywillow @rrhoover Agreed - and we indeed have many subscribers who identify as male, and welcome them! We are specific in our target audience so we can better serve their needs and provide a safe space when it comes to community and gathering offline.
@alishalisha makes sense! Always better to build for a niche or specific audience when building community. Facebook is the most prolific example of this, building for Harvard students in the beginning.
@julief @mickc79 as a combination introvert / extrovert, a lot of my staying in has to do with exhaustion that is amplified by being a woman – I really appreciate that @alishalisha has created a way for us to remember to take care and recoup!
I've found many lifestyle products to completely forget the experience of POCs. Alisha Ramos has built what the next gen set of consumer-facing info/products need to be: intersectional and authentic.

I've been getting GNI since day 1 and Alisha Ramos puts so much thought into everything to do with the community – it's clearly working because everyone I know is in love.


Great content, inclusive of backgrounds and price points



I love this!