Girl Talk

Anonymous gossip. No boys allowed.

Thanks, @michel, interested to see how this turns out.
@sarajchipps Thanks! User base is tiny still but most users seem to stick around and like the service. Really happy about the content and the tone, people are being genuinely supportive and respectful to each other.
@michelloenngren I can definitely see a market for this product. Facebook groups are loaded with "only women" groups, and for a good reason. My question is - How many women (vs men) were/are part of the creation of the app?
How do you prevent males users to join the service?
@whoisjuan currently you need to create an account with Facebook. So we can get info from there. We were thinking about this quite a bit but it seems to be working. I also think that the important thing is for us to say that this is a place for women to talk in private, not risking to be harassed or judged by men. Maybe that is more important that creating an iron clad authentication system. Control by nudging :)
We have worked hard on this one. Still tweaking and making it better. Appreciate any feedback!
@michelloenngren this is for women? what is the demo you are aiming for?
@sarajchipps yes this is for women only. The demographics we are aiming for is really women in different stages in their lives. Currently we are seeing a lot of early teens and women up to around 30-35.
Yeah I definitely think there is a need/market for this. Looking at the usage a lot of girls are finding a place to get advice on things on their mind or an outlet for things they keep inside. To your question. I did dev, a good friend @meowgorithm did design and SRE and my wife helped with most of the product work and user testing (picked the topics in the app, vetted all the UX and did initial content creation). So I guess the ratio should have been better but 2:1 is still something. Before launch we brought on about 15 girls to try it out and give us feedback. That was very helpful.