Motorized standing desk for $2/day

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Price listed on the site was 2.15$/day or 780$. The per-day pricing model is good,but IKEA sells a very usable standing desk for 460$. What's the differentiator factor here?
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+1 @juhslk The Ikea desk is amazing - i have it, use it every single day, and for the price i have not been able to find a better one.
@imrat @juhslk And this desk looks a lot like the one I have from Ikea ( and use daily (and LOVE!)
@jakelprice you know how studies told you it's terrible to sit, now they're saying it terrible to stand too. (Also I was gonna link to the article but I keep getting 😖, how did you get a link in?) search "guardian sit no worse" in Google
@juhslk By the the time that you have to pay for shipping and then either spend the time or money to get your IKEA desk assembled, you have likely already paid more! Add that to the fact that you can rent-to-own over the course of a year, and the economics here are better. This desk is made from the same or better materials and would standardly retail for +$1,000, so you're also getting a quality of product that is excellent and durable. And comes with a 5-year warranty! (Full disclosure: I work at Giraffe! :)).
@jonasalmut @jakelprice Standing all day is definitely not the right option. As my grandmother said, everything in moderation. So you have to be able to do a little bit of both! When you add on to the short term and long term health implications, the fact that people report improved productivity and energy when standing for a periods of the day.... Well, we're obviously positive on the idea :)
this is a great great idea!
Very affordable price for a motorised desk, love it! Any plans to bring it to the UK?
@mat_jarosz We are delivering in the USA currently. We are working on our plans for Europe. If you'd like we can try to notify you when we do. We will keep everyone on our newsletter informed!
You can now purchase standings desks for roughly $300-400 with great warranties. What's the factor here that drives this above your competitors?
@shakenbake1980 We think of it as follows: 1. Price: That $300-$400 is not really a fully baked price, as there is meaningful shipping and assembly costs that you have to add to that. (The hidden costs are often enough to basically double the listed cost.) For us shipping is included, and our team in most major metro areas will help you get your desk assembled for free or for very little cost. 2. Make / Finish: As I've noted, these desks are made in the USA, run on super high quality actuators from seasoned manufacturers, etc. The insides of this desk are the same as those you would find in a $1,500-$2,000 table. This is, in part, why you will find Giraffe desks in the IDEO offices, for example. 3. Design / Modules: The table is designed to allow us to continue to focus on making your workspace a happier, healthier and more creative space. Specifically, we have carved out a place for custom modules that you can drop in to your Giraffe desk. This means you will be able to slot in a bucket to organize the loose objects that float around your desk, or a pot to hold a beautiful plant that makes you smile, or a trey to doodle in 3D with some legos while on conference calls, etc. This is the direction of our focus, as we try to help bring innovation to every Giraffe holder's workbench.
@_theimmortal_ Many similarities. Some things we'd point out: 1. Make: We think you'll find the table itself to very high quality, reliable, etc. based on the materials used, the manufacturing (made in the USA), etc. That is reflected in our extended 100-day risk free trial. 2. Design / Modules: We are designing modules to fit into our desk that actively help you stay organized and feel better about your workbench. This should give you a sense for our approach to design: we are less focused on gizmo's, more on making your desk on all around happier, healthier, more productive space. 3. Customer Service: We differentiate on customer service and go over the top to help you get your desk installed (often for little or no cost based on partnerships we have with local desk assemblers around the USA). @werdelin - that sound about right?
@thorneny @_theimmortal_ We are big on the modules. Maybe we can make a Disney Module - working on a Lego one... ? :) Would just echo what Nicolas said. Based on price I would imagine the biggest is quality but never seen the other desks so just a guess. The expensive part of a desk like this is the motor that needs to be high quality. We use one of the highest quality motor that is out there - which is why we can offer a warranty... Also we have ours in stock. The other desk seems not to be available for a month or so.
@werdelin modules sound really cool. Can't wait to see them roll out! Thanks for the info.