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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell ·
Ok I'm not a massive GIF person but thought this was quite cool for a mini-distraction on a Friday! Would be good to be able to click on the gif and go to the source, to download/use it :) also for users to be able to upload gifs too. Not sure why the Facebook login is necessary? EDIT: So turns out you can view your 'LIKED' gifs and click each one to be able to download and use... answered my own questions!
Dmitry Suholet
Dmitry Suholet@suholet · Product Manager, Yandex
Ugh. No explanation why I should register to use it 😟
Jason Peck
Jason Peck@jasonpeck · VP of Marketing, Canvas (
@suholet totally agree
Matthieu Béteille
Matthieu BéteilleMaker@matthieu_beteille
@jasonpeck @suholet you need to register to be able to see all the gifs you've liked using your account
Sarthak Grover
Sarthak Grover@sarthakgrover · Consumer Tech 
So the Gif has to like you as much as you like the gif. That could be interesting.
Guillaume Chabot
Guillaume Chabot@guillaumechabot · Sr. UX, Interaction Designer @lifeworks.
This is super! It should be part of