Get a beautiful customer wall for your office.

Amusing, but absurdly expensive
@philipithomas hey Philip, Gini may seem expensive for consumer products but it is aimed at B2B SaaS companies and priced accordingly.
This is slightly creepy but mostly really neat. We might set something like this up in our new office:
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, I'd love to get you try Gini for your office! As I mentioned in my other comment, I've made some changes to the product to make it less creepy and more useful. Feel free to ask any questions here or email me at
This is my app. Thanks for posting @neerajt4! Just to give a bit of background, I came up with the idea when I was talking to a CEO of an enterprise SaaS company. He was telling me how proud he was for winning some really big companies as customers but still his team was not really aware of who their users are. He said "I feel like printing out LinkedIn profiles and pasting them on the office walls!" That was the lightbulb moment for me. The product has evolved to be a bit different than the landing page suggests. So it won't just be pretty pictures of your customers, you can also display logos and some key metrics like which plan a customer is on, how much they spend and how long they've been a customer. See a new demo here - Happy to answer any questions.
I was walking around Facebook the other day and I think they have something similar for their own employees
@arush That sounds like a great use case!
Display live customer profiles on a big monitor in your office. It connects to your Intercom account and automatically creates a dashboard of your customer's profiles.