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Haven't totally figured out what I might use this for yet (since I'm not writing a book, paper or screenplay), but I am always interested in new kinds of information tools. My wife (who told me about this) is quite interested in using it for her academic papers. (BTW, the app was named after ginkgo but is deliberately spelled differently)
@jasoncrawford I use Gingko and love it. I find it great for making outlines and rough drafts. Quite an innovative tool.
Was just thinking about how Gingko is basically a hierarchy tool, and thinking about other tools you can use for hierarchies. I know of Workflowy and All three are different takes on the hierarchy, optimized for different things.
Gingko is a great tool even for writing long blog posts. It makes it very easy to try out different approaches of structuring an article. If I've already got a cohesive narrative in mind, I just write the first draft in Google docs. But if there's a piece where I haven't decided on the right way to present the ideas, Gingko is amazing.
Great tool for writing when you may need to move ideas around. I use it to organize and re-structure my talks.