Free email signature generator

Gimmio is a free email signature generator which allows you to create some of the most advanced email signatures on the planet. The product has extensive customization options to create the exact signature that you want.

Because of its flexibility, many web design agencies are already using Gimmio to create their customers' email signatures.

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Desanka Šakić 😂
@isak_keyten We had to add some humor into the templates when making them :D Glad you enjoyed it!
Description says free, but I don’t see a free option on the website.
@shaun_27 Hi there :) We have 3 free layouts which you can adjust to suit your needs. It has "Free Layout" or "Premium Layout" listed under each one. Some adjustment options are reserved only for signed up users, however you can still create plenty of free email signatures using the free available layouts and options.