Pocket money for kids and parents, made easy

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Jimmy Hagelfors
  • AndyB72

    Great idea


    To many bugs

    Great idea but to many bugs and little bit confusion with graphics organisation

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Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
This looks great! I reeeeeeally wish I was properly incentivized to save like this as a kid. Brings to mind @EconTalker's podcast ep, @gimitheapp @gloom303 @cajwestlund
Bent Stamnes
Bent StamnesHunter@gloom303 · Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
Having two kids, one of which is pocket-money hungry like you wouldn't believe, the old-fashioned way of putting up a calendar on the wall doesn't seem to do the trick. With her mobile phone quickly becoming her most prized possession, I really dig Gimi's way of slightly gamifying the pocket-money process, and especially how interest is part of it as well. The fact that it's developed in cooperation with kids ages 7-15 as well as psychologists, economists and behavioural scientists is intriguing as well. PS: the app has also been selected as "Editor's Choice" in the Apple App Store!
Caitlin Morin
Caitlin Morin@caitlinxmorin · GxA Consulting
Love it. Don't have kids yet, but would love to use something like this when I do. Did notice small typo on website though- it says "first com first serve" under the photo evidence portion, instead of what I assume should be "first come" :)