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I'm all for simplicity but the homepage doesn't say much. I'm left with questions: Who's vetting these developers? What information do I need to provide? Etc. After registering it makes a bit more sense but normally I would have bailed immediately. Anyone use this for a project?
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@rrhoover I just signed up, and I'm currently chatting with someone. I have similar questions to yours.
@rrhoover Totally agree. I signed up to give it a try, but there wasn't even a confirmation the information went through!
@rrhoover We wanted to keep the homepage simple but should probably add a "How it works" link to the header. Building that now!
@nhbschr @rrhoover Huh, this works for us :( Do you remember what you saw after signup?
@rogerdickey @rrhoover I've started a project, and it's been 2 weeks and nobody's gotten in touch with me and I've both emailed and rang their number
NOFI, but why would you like to hire a developer for your project in 5 minutes? The whole future of your project depends on that person. It is not like you want a cleaner for your apartment, you are looking for someone to build your apartment.
@timanrebel as long as finding a plumber happens in 5 minutes, I don't care if I get a new swimming pool or deal with the consequences. /s
@timanrebel Good point! It's more accurate to say "start talking to a contract developer you're very likely to hire in 5 minutes" :) Most freelance sites require too much work on the part of the developer as well as the person looking for help. If the variance in quality on the app is low (which is key) then i think should be a good thing for both parties to be able to transact instantly.
this is awesome
I'm a big fan of Crew. They focus on amazing service with a curated list of the best talent: https://pickcrew.com
The value prop of hiring a developer "in 5 minutes" is a solution for a problem that I've never had. In fact hiring anyone in 5 minutes (other than for simple data entry) has almost always back fired on me. Interesting project, none the less.
@stevebenjamins It won't be easy, but "hiring anyone in 5 minutes has always back fired" is exactly the problem we're trying to solve.
@rogerdickey @stevebenjamins Great problem if solved properly... very very hard. I think scale will naturally degrade any system. You'll have to remain super small for this to retain the same value, but I think you'll deal with a lot of requests for work. As such, even if kept small, it seems likely to turn into a place where it's "Match up with a developer in 5 minutes if they like you better than the other 10 people talking to them". Now the 5 minutes is kind of dead, yeah?
@zachtratar @stevebenjamins It's counterintuitive but there's actually a supply surplus in this marketplace
@rogerdickey @stevebenjamins supply surplus of developers or *good developers*? I really don't think there's a supply surplus of great developers out there -- not only is that counterintuitive but it also seems to go against the supply/demand of software engineering hiring right now. No?
@zachtratar @rogerdickey @stevebenjamins supply surplus of "great developers for job X" where job X is a gig that follows well established patterns e.g. "like Reddit but on mobile" , "crowdfunding + instagram", "feature Y that doesn't require remembering graph algorithms" etc. Empirically, these make up a large share of app requests.