Hire a contract developer in 5 minutes

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Roger Dickey
@rogerdickey · Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
Hi Product Hunt, @levlandau & I are the app creators. Gigster's aim is to drastically simplify contracting for developers & folks looking to hire. *Developers* don't want to hunt for jobs or haggle over pricing so we text them when a fixed-price job matches their skills & interests. *Non-technical managers* often can't vet talent & hate waiti… See more
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm all for simplicity but the homepage doesn't say much. I'm left with questions: Who's vetting these developers? What information do I need to provide? Etc. After registering it makes a bit more sense but normally I would have bailed immediately. Anyone use this for a project?
Timan Rebel
@timanrebel · Co-founder at NEXT
NOFI, but why would you like to hire a developer for your project in 5 minutes? The whole future of your project depends on that person. It is not like you want a cleaner for your apartment, you are looking for someone to build your apartment.
Kevin Li
@liveink · #NewStuff
this is awesome
Andrew Brackin
@brackin · Marketing at Visor
I'm a big fan of Crew. They focus on amazing service with a curated list of the best talent: https://pickcrew.com
Steve Benjamins
@stevebenjamins · Founder, Site Builder Report
The value prop of hiring a developer "in 5 minutes" is a solution for a problem that I've never had. In fact hiring anyone in 5 minutes (other than for simple data entry) has almost always back fired on me. Interesting project, none the less.