Say goodbye to roaming charges: 1 sim. 115x country carriers

compared the data price to the prepaid card you get for 2 countries i know well (france and israel). this is insanely expensive: any package below 500mb is just not usable for a normal "pro" users. you better off buying a card locally if you stay more than 2 days
Or you can get a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan and have unlimited 3g data pretty much all over the world.
@ghobs91 have you tried this in other countries with T-Mobile? I'm going to be doing so soon but don't have firsthand knowledge as to speeds, etc.
@sanjay Went to Mexico and it was a very seamless experience. As soon as I landed, turned my phone on, and after a few minutes it connected to a local carrier. Speeds depend on how good the 3g is in the country you're in.
@sanjay it works great! Sending this from Trinidad and Tobago and it's totally seamless. Just turn your phone on and you're good to go.