The top startup jobs from the last 24 hours is what you get when you cross a job board with Supreme. New jobs drop every 3 hours, sourced straight from the job boards of over 500 tech startups and not-so-startups, and disappear after 24 hours. Apply early and get your applications seen first.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Straightforward UI. I can tell you guys put in a lot of thought into the UX :) What are your backgrounds?
@jian2587 On paper, I'm a Product Manager and Ilya's a software engineer. IRL, we both do a bit of everything. Thanks for checking it out! 🙌🏼
Great work guys. So simple, so intuitive. Look forward to testing it out and tracking your progress!
Serial Founder & Product Engineer
@noah_smith1 Thanks Noah! Appreciate the kind words. Is there anything else you wish we had built into
Dai TruongM&A/VC @ MedMen
Looks clean / fun. Can’t wait to try / post jobs on here. Great work @ilyausorov
Hey makers, great work! I love how you are creating excitement for something that is generally pretty painful. Great work! I also really like how this gives the "gig-seekers" more information and thereby confidence! Keep going!
Steve Deandating consultant & digital matchmaker
Easiest way to get the leg up on the competition -- be the very first to apply because you found out about the role before anyone else. I witnessed Ilya's journey building this product and I love the thought and care he put into it.
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