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Marko IslamovicMaker@marko_is · Made gigrove, hyperwage, soundlast
Happy to introduce GigRove 2.0. We redesigned the platform and made many improvements and features. Little story on GigRove: I was at time in Madrid and buddy of mine (Peter) called me and asked me to stay in my place in Madrid for a few days. Through a joke, I told him that he can stay but that he needs to help me with coding. But when he came I was like - why we don't put this concept on the internet? To create sort of Silicon Valley garage experience where people gather together and work from homes? We started building upon this concept. We released an MVP and we were just waiting to see what's going to happen. Two months later we are getting a very surprising feature about GigRove on Portuguese National TV (TV reporter literally found our site through Facebook group and told us how he's going to talk about it on his tech section of the TV show) and our minds went off that day, last year. Thousands of users coming from Portugal because of that TV show! Lol! They were basically our beta users and luckily most of them talked English so we could hear their feedback. :D Today we have users from +130 countries! One year later we learned a lot. PH community helped us a lot to make GigRove better and thank you for that. But we are not stopping here as we see GigRove becoming an important step in developing startups, people's careers and experiences. We always appreciate your feedback.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making technology come alive 🃏
@marko_is Congratulations Marko! What kind of feedback are you looking for here in PH. I got some questions. Why is there so little information about you on the site? Before I sign up I want to be convinced and that's not happening. I really like what you're doing, why is your way (a web platform/community/marketplace) the best solution? Why can't this be done in an agency curation style? Where do I find your success stories or at least steps how it works! Good luck!
Marko IslamovicMaker@marko_is · Made gigrove, hyperwage, soundlast
@milann Long time no hear :) Thanks man. Well feedback like from yourself! :) Information about myself? :D I like to keep it low-key. Like a ruler from a shadow ;) Jk, but sorry to hear you're still not convinced! We kept it low-key as we haven't been focusing on PR, but now we are definitely starting to share success stories! Many cool things happened and we will be publishing stories on our blog. We've been bootstrapping like crazy so that's why focus was mainly on making GigRove better and growing it organically as best as we can :) We are seeing the rise of underused skills and GigRove is there to help accelerate people's talents by helping out startups who are in need for some help & freelancers who want to gain experience. It's very hard to get an internship or a job these day in most of the fields, particularly because people lack real, hands-on experience. With GigRove our solution is presented in combining resourceful and useful and community is the best way to achieve exactly that: We are cutting the middle man and therefor all the costs associated with recruiting are eliminated. By having direct contact between startups and freelancers we are enabling them to connect, match and grow their startups or careers through that "Silicon Valley garage" experience, where people collaborate together from a home. I talked more about GigRove and my vision in this interview for Huff. Post if you want to know more:
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making technology come alive 🃏
@marko_is of course I meant you as the company. :) I just found signing up before actual explaining messages, examples and stuff is a bit daunting. Okay. Good luck to you and your team!
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
Your reset password form is too cumbersome/strict. It won't allow me to save the password I'm trying to save, which is the one I use on many websites. Anything else I use, I would simply forget and have to go through the same process again next time :( I do have a room free in Seattle, and would love some coding help on Horizon :)