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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2015

- Sell books, music, software, videos and your designs through pre-built online store.

- Your customers are able to schedule an appointment for your services.

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Marko Islamovic
Marko IslamovicMaker@marko_is · Founder @ Gigrove
Hey there! GigRove is helping businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives by providing them with tools to manage and sell their work. Our mission is to globally help businesses and entrepreneurs thrive without being location dependent. To achieve this we are offering tools like Remote Management, Online Store for Creatives as well our Bookings and Appointment Scheduling tool. Little bit of history: GigRove started as a small digital nomad community where we were connecting startup hosts and freelancers to collaborate together. After couple of years, we built a community of global makers - hosts were offering place to stay for a freelancer, while they were collaborating together. Since then, GigRove has grown and turned into a full SaaS company, with a base in London, UK. Today we are offering variety of products for makers and global teams. Thank you so much for the support since the early beginnings! PH is always in our hearts.
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠@milann · Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
@markoi3 hey Marko, thanks for building this! It looks awesome and the idea is brilliant. It's like worldpackers for knowledge workers. I so incredibly amazingly intensively signed up! Curious if I can find hosting companies in Japan, I really wanna go there. Big challenge here, how are you getting hosting companies on there? And quality ones! :)
Marko Islamovic
Marko IslamovicMaker@marko_is · Founder @ Gigrove
@milann Haha I love your gif :D We are trying to focus on remote jobs and services that companies usually need, like accounting, programming, marketing, writing, etc.. and we have more features for companies..
Chema@deambulando · Founder @yclascom @openclassifieds
@markoi3 nice videos from barcelona!! looks great the product good luck ;)
Alex Russo
Alex Russo@webyourmind · Founder and Tech Lead @ WebYourMind
@marko_is Great Initiative! Will definitely share it on Digital Nomads Groups and my network!
Marko Islamovic
Marko IslamovicMaker@marko_is · Founder @ Gigrove
@webyourmind thanks for the kinds words :)
Niels de Hoog
Niels de Hoog@nielsify · Maker
Good idea. Please don't send me my password in plain text though...
Marko Islamovic
Marko IslamovicMaker@marko_is · Founder @ Gigrove
@nielsjonathan Don't worry, we realized that's it's not good idea to send you your passwords so we have removed the passwords right away.. :) Thanks
Alex Chaplinsky
Alex Chaplinsky@alchaplinsky · Software engineer, Railsware
Are you guys storing passwords not encrypted? This can be really heavy security concern..
Joe d'Elia
Joe d'EliaHiring@joedeliame · Digital product maker
This is cool but a VISA nightmare!
Sharif Paksa
Sharif Paksa@noodles_ftw · Full Stack Web Developer,
Niceee. Exactly what me and my girlfriend are looking for!