A new kind of school for aspiring freelancers

GigLoft U is a school for aspiring freelancers. We teach the ins and outs of breaking in, we give our students access to experienced mentors, and the ability to work with any of our dedicated partners to help build a portfolio.
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Live Free(lancer) or Die.
@meisjc You know it!
This is awesome! Looking forward to seeing it help many people :D
@adam_french1 Thanks for being a mentor and helping with curriculum!!
Hey all, Mat here. You may know Jeremy and me from PubLoft. After working on PubLoft for nearly one year as a team and paying out over $50,000 to freelancers, I have a confession. I don't think PubLoft ws going to get the job done. GIgLoft is our second and final act. While working on PubLoft, we got over 1,000 writer applications to write for us. Instead of making everyone wait for us to find them clients, we are teaching aspiring freelancers how to make it happen themselves. GigLoft U is broken up into three parts: Education, mentorship, and portfolio building. Education: We have an extensive curriculum that covers all the parts about freelance. From taxes to legal to client acquisition and using the right tools, we are setting our students up for success. Mentorship: We have about a dozen (and counting) experts in their fields who have decided to volunteer some of their time to help our students. Portfolio building: We're working with dozens of brands who have agreed to be willing to work with our students to build a portfolio. Ideally, these partners end up hiring our students too! I wrote a longer post about "Why GigLoft" here that I think you might enjoy. We have 8 students so far and have already started our first class. Are you in. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll be commenting all day. If you want to go through the school, head over to and request a syllabus. We'll be in touch 🤙 Read more about GigLoft here --->
Love alternate forms of education. Hope the first class goes well!
@dkb868 Much appreciated, Dmitri!
@dkb868 Thanks for your well wishes! It‘s going great :D

I have known these founders for quite a while and have never seen anyone more passionate about driving results. Learning from them about how to create results is something you shouldn't miss out on! Go GigLoft!


The team is incredible - No better people to support you on your journey to Freelancing!


None come to mind!

Thanks Chris!! 👊that OG website didn’t build itself 😋