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Gigbloc is a music discovery tool that let's you click around your city and listen to who is playing at various venues on a given day. I love this idea as while there are plenty of music discovery tools out there these days, very few give you the opportunity to go and spontaneously experience what you find live within the next couple of days. On top of that, imagine landing in a new city and being able to *listen* to all the artists playing there before trying out the venues. The maps are already working in 13 cities across 6 countries with more coming shortly. I'll let the makers @marogian & @alex_jefferies tell you more about their future plans...
@djm_ - Thanks for the hunt! Our plan right now is to release native iOS and Android apps as soon as we can, based on feedback we get from the users of the web app. And obviously add additional cities as people request them. Discovering authentic local music playing in your own city is really important to us, so we're all about trying to lower the barriers to entry to these small gigs featuring up-and-coming bands. We want to help the small lesser-known venues and the bands that are trying to get their name out there by making it easier for music listeners to find and attend live music spontaneously.
This is really really cool! Dig it!
This app is really impressive. Once they introduce more cities it becomes even more useful. I tested my neighbor and was amazed to see the list of venues and artists. Sometimes you want to see and hear new artists. They just made it a whole lot easier. Also the UI is clean and simple. Good job guys @djm_
Is there a link to purchase tickets to those shows and have you ever thought about adding visuals of the artists with the music but specifically within that time fram and in that city? More of a feeling connected kinda thing
@wesjlambert Yeah we have a link to buy tickets in the expanded playback area. We also show a graphic of the artist's album cover if they have one from Soundcloud.