Gorgeous new game by Starcraft's lead designer (pre-launch)

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The signup for the alpha is up! Also, lots of video and screenshots on their site, live demo coming up at PAX Prime
@staringispolite I have a hard time finding out what the game is about. Is it a Moba?
@ghacks sounds like its a twist between Mobas and First Person Action games, so there's more focus on movement not just spell casting. Another difference to Mobas would be that there's no base (or the base becomes the 5-story tall Guardians) who move around, attack, "re shaping the battlefield" as they go. We'll see how all that manifests in more detail at PAX Prime
Looks like its going to be cool. Great video. Kinda love how it was like 98% "story" then guns-a-blazin the last 2 seconds
I love the graphics style here. Kind of reminds me of a more cartoony Warcraft 3.
Motiga has a great team and is building an amazing game. I think people will be blown away when it launches.