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RoryBroMaker@rorybro · CEO,
Hi all! Much <3 for posting @rrhoover. We're on a mission to make every GIF linkable to it's source video. Hunters may remember us from "Just put 'GIF' in front of youtube!" Now, you can browse GIFs, vote, and click the GIF to view it's full source video at that time stamp (super exciting): I've already discovered some GREAT videos. We're building a better internet where all GIFs are clickable to it's source video. You can expect more GIF tech to come out of Gifyt in the next month - happy to field any questions!
Robert Karson
Robert Karson@robbykarson · Internet User
I'm waiting for a "product hunt for product hunt" at this point. But this does look cool.
Eric Willis
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
Added to my Gif Master Collection
RoryBroMaker@rorybro · CEO,
@erictwillis I love it Eric! Thank you :D
Tommy Fad
Tommy Fad@tommyfad · CEO, Gritness
Does the world need it? No. Do we want it? Of course :-)
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@rorybro and team launched gifYouTube 6 months ago as a simple site for creating GIFs from YouTube videos. They just released a big update focused on curating GIFs using an upvote/downvote system. There are many different ways to curate content (e.g. @thejulielogan curates GIFs editorially for Nutmeg). Why did you decide to go with this model, Rory?
RoryBroMaker@rorybro · CEO,
@thejulielogan @rrhoover Much <3 Ryan! We felt user created GIFs is the purest of pure viral content (GIF made every few seconds, over 1.3M GIFs made to date - a new awesome video comes out and it's GIF'd almost instantly). With the content being user up voted (similar to product hunt) we want a lot of the best GIFs/videos resonate to the top, which we felt would be pretty organic process. We're getting a ton of GIFs created/minute, and felt editorially we wouldn't be able to find all of the awesome GIFs. We're counting on you hunters to upvote and downvote!