Turn any portion of a youtube video into a gif

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Ayy Will thanks for sharing! Awesome! Just put "GIF" in front of a youtube video and then hit enter: Looking forward to some cool GIFs
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@rorybro URL as an interface! That's smart and will appeal to your most hardcore fans.
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@rrhoover Mwahaha thank you Ryan ^_^. Much love
@rorybro ;) P.S. Tried reserving a user name. Doesn't seem to work.
@espreedevora AHH! I think it's fixed now. Sorry about that
@rorybro I know this must be a dumb question but how do I save the GIF once it's created? How would I embed the GIF in a twitter post?
Can you please create some sort of API? It'd be neat for some hacks.
@nhbschr YES. I thought about this like yesterday and was like: The holy grail of hax is coming...
@rorybro Awesome! Best of luck!
I love products that are named for their functionality. Same reason I love that there's an animal called "Anteater". It says what it does. Boom.
@UXAndrew Never knew how scary anteaters were
All i got to say is...
I love this! So easy... And using youtube vids it's way easier to find original gifs, instead of reusing whatever other people are using. Remember Giffffr by the way?