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Joel Oliveira
Joel OliveiraHunter@jayroh · Dev. Founder,
When my co-workers ask me how I keep my gif responses so fast I just point them to Gifwit. Simple and effective and out of the way. Slack channels just wouldn't be as fun without it!
Veronica Belmont
Veronica Belmont@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Disco)
Is it really worth $3 though? I don't know... Google has worked just fine for me to find the gifs I need.
Joel Oliveira
Joel OliveiraHunter@jayroh · Dev. Founder,
@veronica Totally worth $3. The time saved PLUS the local, personal, searchable database of tagged gifs? No question
Rehat Kathuria
Rehat Kathuria@rehatkat · iOS Developer
@veronica I don't see why not. I mean, how often do you buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks? The amount of work that went into either product varies a lot but our justification for spending the same money doesn't. I find that upsetting.