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Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Why hasn't this excited yet?! Bookmarked. Tried it out, and here is @LoganPaul's famous KITTY CAT CAR JUMP Vine, in GIF.
Zdenek DusatkoHunter@zdedu · Developer
@nivo0o0 @loganpaul thanks for upvoting. Upcoming feed is mystery. :D
Angel Botto@vozconciente
so sweeet
Sergey Veselik@veselik · Entrepreneur
1) View a vine on Vine. 2) In the URL location box, select https:// and replace with gif or mp3 or video 3) Get links to download
Zdenek DusatkoHunter@zdedu · Developer
@veselik Good point.
Zdenek DusatkoHunter@zdedu · Developer
And now Twitter is shutting down Vine. :(