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Giftworthy is a personal gift assistant that aims to curate the most delightful gifts from around the web in order to make gift giving more thoughtful, efficient, and fun.

Want to find out someone's gift of choice without spoiling the surprise? giftworthy will give someone a list of options and tell you their fave without giving it away!

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This... this is great. Went looking around for myself and found a few things I didnโ€™t know I liked. Great work!
@3raxton awesome! That makes my day. So happy it's helpful for you.

Absolutely worth checking out the next time you have a gift to send - takes the guessing game out and not only that, youโ€™re sure to gift something much more unique than you probably would have!


The curated gift selection is amazing! Love what Steph and her team are doing to demystify my gifting process :)


Havenโ€™t identified any yet!

Thanks Molly! <3 <3 <3 For anyone reading this, Molly is my BFF and a super talented artist we feature on our site. Check out her work at Poppy + Mint Design:

My bf is impossible to shop for bc he hates "stuff". My very first time on the site I entered info about him, and it absolutely nailed it! There were several things I never would have thought of that were perfect. And not just tchotchkes...real, useable gifts. I was really impressed.


Unique AND useable gifts



Brittany, that's so great to hear! We hate "stuff" and try really hard to curate thoughtful, meaningful items. We'll soon have a nice mix of experience gifts to offer too. Thanks so much for your support, it's everything to us!

I like to use when needing any type of gift. It's fast, easy and has such great ideas!


Great way to get curated ideas for amazing and unique gifts!


Nothing- I love it!

Thanks Jess! We hope to make our selection better and better. Lots of exciting things to come! Thanks so much for your support <3
This would have been more useful around Christmas. That being said, there's two family birthdays in the next 3 months, so it works for me!
Hey @zduboss, this is not my product but @stephr_'s. Please direct this to her!
@3raxton I... never mentioned you.
@zduboss sorry, got an email mentioning you and thought this was the comment! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ