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It's pretty neat ...
A great feature of this mobile commerce app is the universal checkout: it happens without the customers having to leave it. There are no browser windows opening in the payment process. It's worth having a look at the solution they found to allow this. @PJWilkinson can comment on it. Usability is pretty cool: the gift discovery process uses cards to display items - one at a time. And a mechanism of thumbs up/down to discard them or send to the wish list. They launched in time for Christmas. I hope it goes well and I can use it for Valentine's Day too.
@PJWilkinson @pedrogastal thanks Pedro - appreciate it all. Really glad you like it.
Hi, I'm the founder of Giftstar, and a serial entrepreneur of 15 years in the e-commerce space. Thanks so much for posting it up here. It's really in soft-launch / beta so will be some kinks to work out. Please give me any and all feedback - good or bad. Ask Me Anything you like.... happy to take all questions
I would like to try it, but it's only available on UK app store :3
@EtienneServant That's true... just while we test out the beta. We're planning the US version for late Jan 2015