Turn bitmojis, stickers & photos into digital gift cards

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Love the idea! Well done
This is a cool idea. I even thought to use it this way. Very Dope🚬🚬
Hey I'm the maker of Giftmoji. Happy to answer any questions you have!
also here is link to the app in app store -
So this is a product I found through Reddit before Mother's Day. I realized they had something really innovative because before I had seen Giftmoji - aside from the fun aspect of the application - I couldn't think of any or many last second gift options (something I could send digitally to my mom if I forgot a present on Mother's Day). So the premise of the app is that you can add Gift Cards to images, GIFs, Bitmojis, etc and send them through text so they show up in the user's phone as a gift they have received. The receiver doesn't need to download the app to accept the gift card which I think is a super cool feature. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. I reached out to them and invited Harrison Hines the maker to this product hunt.
I REALLY wish I would have known about this before Mother's Day.. great job!
@ngmeeks Thanks! At least you can be fully prepared for Fathers Day now :) - the great thing is you can send Giftmojis for any occasion. Or there doesn't even need to be an occasion... you can send them to your friends or family for fun any time!