Headache-free gift-picking, powered by AI

GiftHub is a web app that helps pick gifts for anybody within seconds.
Just enter the Instagram @handle of a gift-receiver or a link to his/her profile. Our algorithm will analyze the account and offer a list of gifts especially for this person
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Hey-Hey Product Hunt! 👋 My name is Ihor, I am the CEO and co-founder of GiftHub 🎁 Together with my co-founders Ira, Yana and Olexiy we’re thrilled to finally launch on Product Hunt! GiftHub story started almost 2 years ago when my girlfriend broke up with me because I presented her a pillow as a gift. For her, pillow appeared to be such a bad gift, that she thought I knew nothing about her and we couldn’t be together anymore. I felt bad. But that was exactly the moment when I understood for sure that picking the right gift is a real and sometimes painful problem. So I decided to try to tackle it. And now, it’s been already more than a year since we’re helping people pick gifts for their closest ones. Till this moment, we were only operating on our local market with a chatbot solution. But today is the day when we’re ready to present our new and international solution - a faster and smarter one! Welcome GiftHub — a web app that picks gifts by analyzing Instagram profiles of the gift-receivers. Just enter a nickname or a link to the page of a person and our smart algorithm will show you a list of tailored gifts for him/her. Moreover, you can click on any gift from the list and order it online from our partner online-shop. You don’t know what gift to buy ➡ you are waiting for it to be delivered. That's a customer journey we want to achieve for you! Soo, we encourage you to share what you think about our product! We are working on a mission of connecting people with each other by helping them express feelings through the right gifts, so any feedback would be of great-great importance! 🔥
@ihor_levenets1 Hi Ihor, the website's homepage design is copied from, you should change it
@ihor_levenets1 @gerryeng Hi! I am CTO of GiftHub. Your truth. I found this background picture in the Bulma examples ( and decided that this picture is free. Therefore, I will change it in the near future to another one. Sorry about this.
@ihor_levenets1 @kovolexiy thank you. I will remove my post when it has been changed. Great product btw. upvoted.
Looks pretty interesting! I guess over time you would increase the number of potiential gifts and the "search" relevancy. Cool idea, what are your next plans?
@avery_schrader thanks Avery! Yup, we're working on making our gift base bigger and the algorithm is improving with each new session. As for the plans, we want to add some enhanced image recognition of different objects on pictures for the better quality of gift-picking. Also, we'll integrate with other online shops besides Amazon and add some services as gifts 🎁 Let me know if you have any more feedback!
@ihor_levenets1 Have you thought about distributing the bot a-crossed many platforms? Facebook, etc. I think Facebook would be the easiest way to build a huge user base.
@avery_schrader we're thinking about adding a feature of reminding people about birthdays of their friends, relatives and others through FB chatbot as a first step. That must keep the retention high.
Really cool! I’ve tested on my friends Instagram - not bad suggestions.)
@andrey_anisimov glad it's helpful! Would you buy anything from the list?
Works super awesome! This website really does its job!
@roman_sevastyanov thanks man! Don't forget to use it when there's a real need for gift-picking (:
Works good! I’ve tested on my own Instagram account - nice suggestions)
@andrii_konovalenko cool! Thanks for a feedback <3