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Amazing product! so cool. I really like the UX and the design
@ohad_shalev Thanks! That's important for us :)
Super awesome product! I really love the finesse UI and the great UX:-) ( Please go global )
@balloo007 Wow! Thank you so much! We definitely understand from the comments here, that US is not enough... We're on it! :)
Love the concept. I can definitely see how this will come in handy for coming family events. How do you choose the gifts? It looks like you have thousands.
@daniel_ravner Thanks a lot... The base is curated gifts we add daily by a creative editorial team. On top of that, we are using machine learning to make those high quality recommendation - scalable. The idea is to keep it trendy and updated but with the big data of commerce.
You have really nice products. Love it. What about experiential gifts? It becomes very popular.
@rinat_pichker Sure! Great question. Thanks. Now we already offer experiential gifts by your location from Groupon. It works well, so now we are about to add more concert tickets and sports events from relevant sellers. I agree that material goods are sometimes not enough :)
This is perfect for someone like me who hates (!) buying gifts. Can any store join your platform? I have few recommendation of unique gifts you can offer
@inna_baron Thanks Inna! Glad we can help... We always love to hear about new and unique gift ideas and stores! We prefer brick and mortar stores that also have an online website. Just send me an email with your ideas: