Giftbit Visa Incentive Card

Take control with a new approach to credit card incentives.

#3 Product of the DayJuly 25, 2016
Hey Product Hunt, This product is for companies that need to send awesome rewards or incentives and don't want to waste money. 🙂 A problem with traditional gift cards and incentive cards is that recipients forget to spend the full value. The Giftbit Visa Incentive Card let you send a digital or physical Visa card to someone. If they don't spend the full value within a year—despite reminders to do so—then you get credit back for the unspent value. Giftbit ensures you only pay for what people actually spend. I'd love to hear your questions and feedback. - Leif
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@leif Congrats on the launch Leif! Looks amazing :) Sure the partnership took a long time to bring together, this is huge news! And wow, the landing page is so smooth!
@realsimonburns Thanks, Simon. Yes, this product comes with a significant amount of technical and compliance overhead. The good news is that Giftbit has done the hard work so that people who want to send this card don't have to!
Hmm.. So to clarify, as appose to sending a specific gift card tied to a specific brand, this product is redeemable at anywhere excepting VISA? -Thanks
@chris_pitchford You've got it. This card is accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted in the USA. Plus, you can give recipients a digital or physical option. .... and the money-back is sweet.
@leif Damn man! That is sweet. Will definitely be using this @ Shyft for our users. Keep it up!
@leif @chris_pitchford If its so, then why do we need to associate the brand cards, instead of labeling them as virtual credit cards ? :thiking:
@acpmasquerade Hey, I'm a little unclear on your question. Could you restate it?
@leif My question was, if giftbit doesn't tie cards to specific brand, why is it required to select the brand while creating the cards.
This is an awesome product Leif. Wow.
Any plans for bringing the card to Canada?
@askdaylen Yes! Giftbit's head office is over in Victoria, so we'd love to get a Canadian card going. 🇨🇦 Sadly, it likely won't come until 2017. 😞
Congrats on your launch Leif!
@antimatterful 🙂 Thank you for being part of it!