Gift Jeenie

The best elements of Ebates & Pinterest combined

Gift Jeenie is a shopping marketplace that lets you create wishlists by browsing any e-retailer and offers you cash-back powered by Blockchain. It combines the best elements of Ebates & Pinterest. We are also being featured in a brand new reality series airing this fall.

  • Leonard Kim
    Leonard KimI market people | McGraw-Hill author

    You get to know what someone wants as gifts


    You can't say you didn't know what someone wants as a gift

    This is cool and is very helpful at getting the perfect gift, but what if you wanted to claim negligence and say you didn't know what they wanted? You're kind of stuck there without excuses because you have an entire wish list that shows what the other person wants. Better hope she doesn't have 1,000 items on there and want all of them, right?

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  • Pros: 

    Great Design, super easy to use. Alot of convenience


    cant think of any

    This app saved my relationship as now my gf doesn't drop hints, she sent me her wishlist. Wishlists' update automatically on my end as she adds/deletes items so she only has to send it to me once

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Vikram Chopra
Vikram ChopraMaker@vikramchopra5 · CEO & Cofounder
Hello Product Hunt Community! We are so happy to launch Gift Jeenie on Product Hunt! We look forward to your feedback and comments on the app. It's available in the App Store and on Google Play now. Feel free to reach out here with any questions or comments and we'll get right back to you. Gift Jeenie combines the best elements of Ebates and Pinterest to create a platform for gift giving. You and friends can create and share wishlists, and we also aggregate all the best deals from hundreds of online e-tailers into creative, curated categories. We're also working on developing a Blockchain powered cash-back loyalty program to reward users on our platform! If I could share with you how we got here. We initially envisioned Gift Jeenie as a gifting app, that enabled users to create wishlists to share with friends/family by browsing items from any online retailer. After we launched our beta last year, we were pleasantly surprised to see how our users were using the app. During Christmas, a lot of users created wishlists to share but a lot of users also found Gift Jeenie a great tool to keep track of items they desire from multiple retailers/brands- a shopping cart aggregator. But akin to Pinterest, they wanted more product discovery within the app We recently launched our version 1 with that in mind to provide you: - Daily Deals from our retail partners - More product discovery - Curated content from your favorite Influencers Stay tuned: - As we launch our cash-back rewards on Blockchain - As we will be featured in a brand new startup reality series this fall
Aj Picard
Aj Picard@aj_picard · Founder of Chad
Downloaded Gift Jeenie last month love their design and their “Daily Deals” section, I’m always finding cool affordable products! Negatives: Have none, really looking forward to seeing the app grow
Reema Saini
Reema Saini@reema_saini · Rene Sach inc.
I have been using it for some time to pin my future purchases or items I want to monitor should they drop in price. Recently we have been using it within our friends and family, it is Such a useful tool to get them to curate wishlists before birthdays and gift giving holidays, we used the app for our last Christmas secret Santa! X
Yitzi Kolodny
Yitzi Kolodny@yitzkolodny
Great product, easy to use and navigate. Awesome for keeping track for what you want and need across multiple shipping sites
Our Adopt Journey
Our Adopt Journey@shirinandsachin
Gift Jeenie is such a great way to manage my shopping and I cant wait for them to launch their cash back rewards program.
Vikram Chopra
Vikram ChopraMaker@vikramchopra5 · CEO & Cofounder
@shirinandsachin Hopefully soon!