Gift Hunt for WordPress

Online treasure hunt on your WordPress site

Gift Hunt can help you drive more traffic to your website, increase the time visitors spend on your site and grow the database of your potential customers.
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This seems really interesting. If there is a way to source all users of that "spin the wheel " user engagement thing like Niel Patel uses and ask them to try this out I would do it! I have nowhere to try this at the moment, but looks super cool and I think it could be mega effective for lead capturing. Do you plan to have integrations for Shopify etc?
@avery_schrader Thanks Avery :) Actually, there is a Shopify version of it already: It just got approved yesterday so I choose to launch the WP version first. I've built the Shopify app first but the review process took a while so I spent that time building it for WordPress as well :D Time well spent, I guess.
Simple product providing real value - love it! Also nice timing with Halloween πŸŽƒ
@robmoore Thank you Rob :)
Sometimes the best ideas make you think, "I wish I had thought of that!" This seems like such an obvious need and it's shocking I haven't seen much of this in the wild- awesome idea, and I hope it takes off!
@taskett thank you Madison, I hope that as well :)
Very interesting concept... Definitely can see this as a way to improve engagement, site authority, and SEO traffic.
Hey Everyone, it's been a while but today I'm happy to launch my latest product, Gift Hunt for WordPress. The plugin is based on a concept we used multiple times previously and it was really effective. With the help of Gift Hunt, you can display a gift for your visitors after they spent enough time on your site or visited a defined amount of pages. You can use it during Halloween ( or Christmas ( Or you can create an Easter egg hunt ( on your site. The main idea behind the plugin is that every minute a visitor spends on your site grows the possibility of becoming a potential customer. You are just in time to run a short πŸŽƒ Halloween treasure hunt on your site and start a Christmas Gift Hunt after that. 🚨 Launch offer 🚨 For a limited time, you can get Gift Hunt and Story View for $34.99 and you can save $15. Get it here πŸ‘‰ You can learn more about Story View here: As always, looking forward to your feedback and let me know if you have any questions. // ps: If you are looking for something similar for Shopify, follow this link: