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Gift Hero Wish Lists – add anything, from anywhere, and share your Wish Lists with family and friends. It’s easy to use and it's fast, free, and flexible. Together we can change the gift-giving game. With Gift Hero, you get to ditch the guesswork and keep the surprise.

  • Rebecca Long
    Rebecca LongMarketing & Content @ Gift Hero

    Great design // Easy to use // Super versatile


    It's addictive... but I am bias.

    I love saving things for myself that I want to buy, but am not quite ready to purchase. It also makes birthdays and Christmas for my 7-year-old so much easier – I can share her wish list with family that is spread out from Coast to Coast.

    Gift Hero really is an awesome site, and it's a fantastic company to work for! 🙌 Big ups and love to the Team ❤️

    Rebecca Long has used this product for one year.
  • Johannes Booy
    Johannes BooyDesigner & Developer

    I can add from outside Amazon, that's key for me.


    Is a native app on the horizon?

    Being able to add gift ideas from outside Amazon is the best part. For example for this Xmas I have tickets to the Boston Symphony on a list for my Dad; a massage certificate (at a local place) for my Mom. The massage place doesn't really have a website so I couldn't use my browser plugin, but they have an option to manually add gifts into the app. I liked that feature.

    The browser plugin works really well, I can add a gift to any of my lists while browsing. I typically add like crazy then sort through ideas in the app.

    I was also recently looking to buy a boat for our family and kept track of options on Craigslist using Gift Hero.

    Johannes Booy has used this product for one year.
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Suvendu Pal
Suvendu PalMaker@dupac70 · Founder & CEO, Gift Hero
Good morning, Suvendu Pal here. The idea of Gift Hero was a seed planted in 2015 after I found myself stumped by what to get my niece for Christmas. The frustration of not knowing what to buy friends and family, and having to deal with returning unwanted gifts is a problem we all face, especially this time of year. With Gift Hero, anytime you see something online that you need or want, you can add that item to a Gift Hero wish list and share it. That simple idea planted years ago, through the work and dedication of the Gift Hero team, has now blossomed into an elegant platform that facilitates easier gifting and better gifts through "social gifting." Gift Hero is rated A - for Absolutely Everyone....Kids, Teens, Young Adults, Parents, Grandparents, Businesses, Schools and Non-Profit Organizations. One of the best things about developing and growing Gift Hero is watching how our users adopt each feature of the platform. We love to learn from them and hope you will try Gift Hero too. Hit us up –we're looking forward to your questions and feedback!
Kevin Guebert
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on
@dupac70 In a large family, we definitely have the same problem. Time to pitch it to the rest of the fam and hopefully make shopping easier, thanks @dupac70 🤙
Suvendu Pal
Suvendu PalMaker@dupac70 · Founder & CEO, Gift Hero
@kevinguebert thanks Kevin! I would love to hear about your experience and how we can make it better.
James Walsh
James Walsh@mr_j_walsh · Get press coverage -
Neat idea. How do you monetise? Affiliate sales? I'm going to create my wish list now!
Suvendu Pal
Suvendu PalMaker@dupac70 · Founder & CEO, Gift Hero
@walsh_ldn Hi James! That's correct, we generate revenue by driving traffic to retailer websites through affiliate agreements. Also, when you buy off a non-profit's in-kind donation wish list, they receive a cash donation back from us equal to 50% of revenue earned. I'm curious what you think of the User Experience? and the sign-up process?