Gift Art by Feral Horses

This Christmas, anyone can gift museum-worthy artworks

Gift shares of a museum-worthy artwork to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Make them feel part of a bigger project. Through the power of co-ownership Feral Horses is able to place the artwork in the public realm, so that more people can enjoy it.

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Hello Product Hunt 👋 About 18 months ago, Feral Horses was launched 🐎; an affordable and accessible art-investment platform for contemporary art that really benefits artists and art lovers. After receiving the gazillionth request from a user asking if she could gift shares of art to her friends, they decided to build this feature just in time for Christmas! 🎅🎄 Through their feature, users are able to gift shares of “Habemus Hominem”, the iconic marble sculpture of JAGO ⚒️, an Italian artist based in New York. The Artwork, once sold, is going to be exhibited at the famous Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Rome, one of the biggest private collections in Italy that includes incredible artworks of the likes of Caravaggio and Velàzquez. Here is how it works: 🖼️ They carefully select interesting artworks that are museum-worthy and should be enjoyed publicly and not placed in a dark storage. 🏛️ Each Artwork has a museum journey of up to 10 years. 🎁 In a couple of clicks, anyone can buy a “piece” of the artwork and gift a unique present. 📜 Once the gift has been purchased, they will give you a printable cute pdf with all the relevant information. 🎨The gift receiver will effectively own part of the Artwork. He or She will be able to sell the shares they own on our platform or keep them until the artwork is sold at the end of the Museum Journey.
This sounds really unique and cool! I can see how many people would be happy to receive this 🙂 This is basically Cryptokitties for art without a blockchain. I can sort of see how a blockchain could fit here nicely for storing the certificates ... 🤔
@zelena Hey Elena, Thank you so much for the comment! What we do is actually a bit different from the lovely Cryptokitties 🐱 , in the sense that people actually get a fraction of the ownership of a real artwork, like a share of a company, but for art. We then manage the art and make it travel around museums so that to give people the chance to actually see the art in person and increase the value of the art. With this new feature, we give the chance to people to actually gift the shares that before they could only buy for themselves The co-owners can resell their shares on our platform or wait for the exit to cash in. In all this, we are not that blockchain-less ahah We already partner with Codex which is a blockchain protocol to record transactions -> (this is the blog post about our partnership with them) What do you think? 🙃
@francesco_bellanca This makes sense! I think Cryptokitties is a genius concept so I wanted to use them as a metaphor for purchasing something good-looking, others wanting it, the said good increasing in value as well as truly owning the good via a certificate/smart contract 🙂 I'm glad to hear that you are using Codex - seems very suitable for this product!
@zelena Thank you for the nice words and yes the team at @cryptokitties killed it and are doing amazing stuff!