Use your laptop camera to create and share animated GIFs

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Just tried it, very cool! πŸ˜‡
Looks Kool - but, has been tagged as MAC; so, not available on PC? Also, when I hit 'Get it', the page is stuck at GIFSTUDIO loading.
@techtosterone It should work ok on a PC, but you'll need to use Google Chrome and have a compatible webcam. Let me know if I can help.
@ryanrogalski I am on PC and using Chrome. But the page never loads .. stay stuck on "Gitstudio loading" screen. Maybe I'll try on my personal PC later. This is work one. Thanks
@techtosterone The only thing I can think of is that you may have previously not given permission to Chrome to use the webcam and it has saved that setting. You could try clearing your cache / cookies or opening the page in an incognito window. Sorry to hear it hasn't been working for you.
@techtosterone I believe I have recreated your issue by removing GIFSTUDIO from the 'Media Exceptions' list in Chrome Media settings. Follow this article to find the setting and remove GIFSTUDIO from the list. Then when you reload the page Chrome should ask if to share your webcam, click 'Allow'. Hope that helps.
@ryanrogalski I am even struck with prompt page asking me to open a chrome browser , though I am on it . My system configuration is Macbook pro with El Capita
@bonda_gangadhar You may need to manage Chrome's webcam access. Follow this article and make sure that gifstudio is not listed in Media Exceptions: